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The Adventure Games are a series of interactive adventures based around the Eleventh Doctor's adventures. There are currently 2 series.


Series 1Edit

No Episode Writer Release date(s) Link
1 "City of the Daleks" Phil Ford 5 June 2010 (PC) / 15 June 2010 (Mac) link
In an alternate 1963, the Daleks have control of time and the TARDIS arrives in the ruins of London. Before time runs out for Amy Pond, a trip must be made to the planet of Skaro.
2 "Blood of the Cybermen" Phil Ford 26 June 2010 (PC) / 1 July 2010 (Mac) link
In the Arctic a survey team are turning into metal. An army of Cybermen have been under the ice for thousands of years.
3 "TARDIS" James Moran 27 August 2010 (PC / Mac) link
The Doctor and Amy encounter a mysterious monster called the Entity while piloting the world's most famous blue box - the TARDIS.
4 "Shadows of the Vashta Nerada" Phil Ford 22 December 2010 (PC / Mac) link
The Doctor and Amy have to deal with an alien shark, alien radiation and worst of all, the Vashta Nerada on Poseidon 8, an underwater base.

Series 2Edit

No Episode Writer Release date(s) Link
5 "The Gunpowder Plot" Phil Ford October 2011 link
The Doctor, Amy and Rory travel back to London, 1605 and meet Guy Fawkes, and discover that the Sontaran-Rutan war has come to Earth.